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Confessions of a Teenage Band Geek - Courtney Brandt

Book trailer for Confessions of a Teenage Band Geek by Courtney Brandt.

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Life After Joe - Ann Benjamin

Book Trailer for Life After Joe.

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Room 702 - Ann Benjamin

One hotel suite. One year. Many stories. The Winchester Hotel is an active property in Beverly Hills, California. Luxurious and discreet, it is a perfect location for business meetings, weddings, affairs, and other important life events - including the death of an A List celebrity. Told from the omniscient perspective of the room, the reader has a front row seat to the drama that unfolds in the suite. Although each chapter is unique, the characters' lives intertwine in a way only possible in a major metropolis like Los Angeles. Readers who enjoy travel, experience wanderlust, and seek unique stories will appreciate Room 702 and its exploration of a cross section of different lives set in the backdrop of a boutique hotel.